Me, my self and I ;0)

Bildet mitt
My name is Helen and i am maried with John-Hugo,we have one daguther that is 16 years old and her name is Irene. 2 lovely cats live with us, Fløffi 7 years old and ouer sibirian Isak Taiganov 1 year old. John works at sea on a big boat and i work on a small hotell. Irene goes to school.

torsdag 10. desember 2009


Ok.I will try my best, to write my blogg in English so everyone understand what it is all about.
Hope to get some new siberianfriends and maybe meet you all at the catshows all over ;0)
I have one male siberian and he is 9 months old.
Isak Taiganov is from (N)Solstorm.

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  1. Greit å skrive på engelsk, øvelse gjør mester har jeg funnet ut :0)