Me, my self and I ;0)

Bildet mitt
My name is Helen and i am maried with John-Hugo,we have one daguther that is 16 years old and her name is Irene. 2 lovely cats live with us, Fløffi 7 years old and ouer sibirian Isak Taiganov 1 year old. John works at sea on a big boat and i work on a small hotell. Irene goes to school.

onsdag 9. juni 2010

Phillip 1 år :0)

23 of April Phillip celebrate his one year birthday, and I wanted to go to Sandefjord and celebrate together with him. So since I had the trip to Oslo this weekend to go on a course, I decided to go down a few days earlier and celebrate with them: o)
I contacted a friend in Sandefjord and agreed with her that I would come, so Phillip and his mother was unaware that the godmother from northern Norway would come on his first birthday.
Mom to Phillip is a very good friend of mine whom I have known since I was in secondary school, she is a couple of years older than me and has been like a big sister to me over the years.
Now I am so lucky to be visited by Phillip and his mom Christin when it is summer vacation, that we look forward to all 3 of us :0)))

Cattshow in Umeå/Sweden.

17 and 18 April there was a cat show in Umeå.
I was working weekends and had no chance to visit the exhibition itself, but when you have such great friends as Dusty (Sissel), it's no problem.
Dusty (Sissel) took Isaac while I sat at home and was terribly nervous, I was very jealous of those who did travel.
Isaac came home as champion, and i was extremely pleased with the result.
He gets special points for strong bones and show exemplary temperament.
He is a real cuddle boy too and I love him a lot. So very glad he is mine; 0)))

Påsken 2010

We had a wonderful Easter this year with beautiful weather.
Sun and delightful temperatures: 0)
I was so lucky to have time off work the whole Easter, 4 days we were out and went for long walks to Lauklia my cusine Nina and i. Lauklia is the place where my grandmother was born and grew up.
One of my uncles have taken over the cottage after my grandparents, it is on the same space as the house was where my grandmother lived as a child.
One of my aunts have also built a cabin in Lauklia, so it's nice to go up to them on holiday visit just for the day.

onsdag 2. juni 2010

Now it really is time to update my blog!

There has been a great deal on the long time that I have not visited here.
March 27 to 28, there was a cat show in Trondheim. Dusty and I drove to Trondheim on Friday morning and arrived very late Friday night.
We had to face early Saturday morning and it was full speed throughout Saturday and Sunday, Isaac had CAC both days and I was very pleased with my first cat show. I was very excited and a little nervous in advance, but Dusty was very helpful and took good care of me.
This gave real appetite