Me, my self and I ;0)

Bildet mitt
My name is Helen and i am maried with John-Hugo,we have one daguther that is 16 years old and her name is Irene. 2 lovely cats live with us, Fløffi 7 years old and ouer sibirian Isak Taiganov 1 year old. John works at sea on a big boat and i work on a small hotell. Irene goes to school.

søndag 31. januar 2010

Finally, I have taken to wit, booked flights to Las Palmas in the middle of February.
Irene, Mom and I are going to visit family-friends and stay with them for 14 days.

John-Hugo is staying home with the cats :0)

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  1. Det hørtes veldig deilig ut, og frister i vinterkulda;=)