Me, my self and I ;0)

Bildet mitt
My name is Helen and i am maried with John-Hugo,we have one daguther that is 16 years old and her name is Irene. 2 lovely cats live with us, Fløffi 7 years old and ouer sibirian Isak Taiganov 1 year old. John works at sea on a big boat and i work on a small hotell. Irene goes to school.

søndag 24. januar 2010

Soon he will be home ;0)

Not long until my hubbi is home from work, just 11 days left :o/
It seems mutch longer now in the winter, but the days are getting better now when the sun is back.
Before we know it the spring is here!
But first we are going on a holliday to Spain/Las Palmas.

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